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For those who’ve chosen GoPro as their trusted companion in capturing life’s adventures, your passion for quality is evident. Recognizing your curiosity, I’ve meticulously researched and compiled some intriguing GoPro facts to ensure you’re well-informed.

Imagine diving deeper into the world of GoPro, armed with stories, insights, and facts that not only make you a more informed user but also position you as the go-to person in your circle for all things GoPro.

In this post, I’ll share the fruits of my research, unveiling some lesser-known details about GoPro, from its humble beginnings to its global impact. By the end, you’ll possess a treasure trove of knowledge that’ll enrich your GoPro experience.

  1. GoPro’s first camera was a 35mm film-based wrist camera launched in 2004
  2. GoPro mission statement is more than just cameras
  3. Understanding GoPro’s Core Values
  4. Nick Woodman (GoPro and founder of GoPro) is the major owner
  5. GoPro has established subsidiaries in 12 countries to support its global operations
  6. GoPro cameras are made in China and Thailand
  7. GoPro offers discounts of 15% to students, teachers, military and other professions

GoPro company history

Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, GoPro, originally known as Woodman Labs, Inc., has its roots in San Mateo, California.

The GoPro company’s origin traces back to a surfing trip Nick Woodman took to Australia in 2002. He was inspired to create a solution for capturing high-quality action photos. Frustrated by the limitations of amateur photography, he envisioned a camera that could capture high-quality action shots, making the subject appear heroic. This vision led to the creation of the ‘Hero’ camera range.

Before GoPro’s inception, Woodman embarked on an entrepreneurial journey into the online gaming world with However, it was during an international surfing trip, after Funbug’s failure, that the idea of a 35mm film-based wrist camera emerged. This concept, supported by an investment from his parents and contributions from friends and family, became GoPro’s inaugural product. GoPro transitioned from 35mm film to digital in 2006, when the Digital HERO was introduced.

In 2014, marking a significant milestone, GoPro became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. The GoPro history is not without challenges. Over the years, GoPro faced workforce reductions and product discontinuations, such as the Karma drone in January 2018. Despite facing challenges, the company has remained a leading name in action cameras.

GoPro mission statement

GoPro’s mission goes beyond just creating cameras. As stated on their official website, their purpose is to “help the world capture and share itself in immersive and exciting ways.” This mission is deeply rooted in the belief that sharing and reliving experiences makes life richer and more meaningful. GoPro’s commitment to this mission is evident in how they view their global community. They see their brand being brought to life by customers worldwide, which in turn motivates them to innovate and celebrate diversity within their workplace.

The company’s origin story, as shared in their annual report, further emphasizes this mission. Nicholas Woodman, the founder, was inspired during an international surfing trip. He envisioned a camera that could be worn during sports activities, allowing users to capture and share their experiences in a way that was previously unimaginable. This vision of sharing experiences became the cornerstone of GoPro’s mission and led to the creation of the HERO Camera.

In essence, GoPro’s mission is not just about cameras or technology. It’s about enabling people to capture, share, and relive their most cherished moments, making every experience more memorable and impactful.

GoPro core values

Every successful company operates on a set of guiding principles, and GoPro is no exception. While their products have made waves in the market, it’s also worth examining the values that drive GoPro’s decision-making and company culture:

  1. Make Friends: Emphasizing collaboration and inclusivity, GoPro recognizes the importance of collective effort.
  2. Obsessively Serve: A clear focus on the consumer’s interest suggests that GoPro aims to be attentive to its user base, always seeking to understand and cater to their needs.
  3. Harness the Power of Wow: This value points to GoPro’s ambition to not just meet but exceed user expectations, a challenging feat in today’s competitive market.
  4. Stay Agile: In an industry that’s constantly evolving, adaptability is crucial. GoPro’s commitment to agility suggests a readiness to pivot and evolve.
  5. Be a Hero: Beyond the catchy phrase, this value underscores GoPro’s emphasis on responsibility and integrity in its operations.

While GoPro’s core values provide a glimpse into the company’s ethos, it’s always interesting to see how they manifest in real-world decisions and product developments. As observers, we can appreciate the role such principles play in shaping a company’s trajectory.

GoPro’s core values collectively underscore a commitment to collaboration, consumer-centricity, innovation, adaptability, and unwavering integrity, painting a holistic picture of a company deeply rooted in both its mission and its community.

GoPro shareholders

GoPro Shareholders Information

Here’s a summary of the information related to GoPro’s shares and IPO:

  • GoPro, Inc. is a publicly traded company under the ticker Nasdaq: GPRO (Class A) and is a component of the Russell 2000 index.
  • The company was founded by Nick Woodman, who remains a significant shareholder with ownership of approximately 64% of the company as of the latest data.
  • In terms of corporate actions, GoPro went public with an initial public offering (IPO) on June 25, 2014. The company sold 17.8 million shares to initial investors at $24 per share, raising a total of $427.2 million. At the IPO price, GoPro was valued at approximately $2.95 billion.
  • The company’s decision to go public was influenced by its potential to transition into a media company, aiming to generate additional revenue from the content its cameras create.

Who Owns GoPro? A Look at the Major GoPro Shareholders

GoPro went public in 2014, and since then, its shares have been traded on the NASDAQ. Here’s a breakdown of GoPro’s major individual and institutional shareholders of GoPro:

HolderSharesDate Reported% OutRole/Description
Nicholas Woodman25.2 million Class B shares + 179,117 Class A sharesMarch 31, 202264% voting controlFounder & CEO
Brian McGee426,267 Class A sharesExecutive VP, CFO, COO
Kenneth Goldman241,920 Class A shares + 95,000 Class B sharesBoard of Directors
Peter Gotcher268,191 Class A shares + 17,234 Class B sharesBoard of Directors
Dean Jahnke306,297 Class A shares + 9,600 Class B sharesSenior VP of Global Sales
Vanguard Group Inc12,278,117Jun 29, 20239.71%Institutional Investor
Blackrock Inc.11,739,468Jun 29, 20239.28%Institutional Investor
Fidelity (FMR, LLC)12.5 million Class A sharesMarch 31, 20219.55%Institutional Investor
The Vanguard Group12 million Class A sharesMarch 31, 20219.15%Institutional Investor
BlackRock11.7 million Class A sharesMarch 31, 20218.96%Institutional Investor
Prentice Capital Management7.2 million sharesMarch 31, 2021<6%Institutional Investor

GoPro’s Subsidiaries give global reach

As a global leader in action cameras, GoPro’s operations aren’t limited to just one country or region. The company has established various subsidiaries worldwide to cater to different markets and operational needs. Below is a table showcasing GoPro’s subsidiaries and their respective jurisdictions:

NameJurisdiction of Incorporation
GoPro Australia Pty LtdAustralia
GoPro do Brasil Participações Ltda.Brazil
GoPro Philippines Ltd.Cayman Islands
GoPro Technology (Shenzhen) LimitedChina
GoPro Trading (Shanghai) LimitedChina
GoPro Technology France SASFrance
GoPro GmbHGermany
GoPro Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
GoPro G.K.Japan
GoPro B.V.The Netherlands
GoPro Bucharest S.R.L.Romania
GoPro Media (UK) Ltd.United Kingdom
GoPro Care, Inc.United States
GoPro Care Services, Inc.United States
GoPro Holdco, Inc.United States
GoPro Mobility (U.S.), LLC United States
Super Mega, LLC United States

GoPro’s subsidiaries play a crucial role in their international operations, ensuring that the brand maintains its strong presence across different continents and cultures.

Source: GoPro

GoPro Manufacturing

When you hold a GoPro camera in your hand, you’re not just holding a piece of technology; you’re holding a product of global collaboration and strategic planning. So, where are GoPros made?

Design and Development: GoPro’s innovative designs and technological advancements are conceived in multiple corners of the world. The United States, France, China, and Romania are the creative hubs where GoPro’s products are designed and developed.

Manufacturing: While the brainwork happens in the aforementioned countries, the actual assembly of GoPro cameras takes place primarily in China and Thailand. Instead of setting up their own manufacturing units, GoPro strategically outsources the majority of its manufacturing to contract manufacturers in these countries. This approach offers GoPro the dual advantage of scalability and flexibility.

Component Procurement: The heart of any camera lies in its components, and GoPro ensures that only the best go into its products. While GoPro directly purchases several key strategic parts and consigns them to their manufacturers, the bulk of the components are procured by the contract manufacturers themselves. This dual approach allows GoPro to leverage the expertise of its strategic commodities team for competitive pricing on high-value components, while also benefiting from the volume purchases of common parts by its contract manufacturers.

Packaging and Fulfillment: Once the cameras are assembled and ready, they are sent to third-party facilities in China and Thailand for the final pack-out. From there, these finished products embark on their journey to GoPro’s outsourced fulfillment centers. Whether it’s the United States, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, or Singapore, these centers ensure that GoPro’s products reach their eager customers worldwide.

Every GoPro camera is a testament to the company’s global approach, ensuring that enthusiasts get a product that’s not just high-quality but also the result of international collaboration.

Source: GoPro

GoPro Discounts

GoPro, while renowned for its cutting-edge cameras, also offers a variety of discounts tailored for different professionals and members:

  • Professionals’ Discounts: GoPro acknowledges the dedication of military personnel, veterans, first responders, teachers, and government workers by offering them a 15% discount on full-priced items.
  • Student Savings: In partnership with UNiDAYS, students can avail a 15% discount on the HERO11 Black, making it easier for them to capture their college adventures.
  • VIP Purchase Program: This exclusive initiative is open to a diverse group, from GoPro Retail Associates to GoPro Developers Program Members. It offers significant discounts on select products.
  • Subscription Benefits: GoPro Subscription members enjoy up to 50% off on select products, a $100 USD discount on their next GoPro camera upon renewal, and a 50% discount for new subscribers in their first year.

These discounts highlight GoPro’s commitment to making their products accessible to a broader audience, ensuring everyone can capture their moments in high quality.


In conclusion, GoPro is more than just an action camera brand. It’s a testament to innovation, passion, and the relentless pursuit of capturing life’s moments. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast like me or an adrenaline junkie, there’s a GoPro for every adventure.

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