GoPro HERO12 vs DJI Action 4 Low Light

anime style drawing of a night time city-scape of Amsterdam

When it comes to capturing life’s most adventurous moments, choosing the right action camera can make all the difference. The question on many enthusiasts’ minds is: Which camera performs better in low-light conditions? In this blog post, we dive deep into the GoPro HERO12 vs DJI Action 4 low light debate, informed by DC Rainmaker’s comprehensive review. Whether you’re mountain biking through dimly lit forests or skiing on overcast Scandinavian afternoons, read on to find out which camera might best suit your specific needs.

Navigating the Low-Light Labyrinth with GoPro HERO12 and DJI Action 4

In a YouTube video by DC Rainmaker, a comprehensive low-light comparison test is carried out between the GoPro HERO12 and the DJI Action 4. The test, filmed in Amsterdam, explores a range of lighting conditions from twilight to complete darkness. DC Rainmaker stresses that although sensor size is crucial for image quality, other factors like image stability and lighting should not be overlooked. For the experiment, both cameras are configured to their manufacturers’ recommended low-light settings.

DC Rainmaker begins by evaluating the cameras during a late afternoon trail run on a mountain. In this environment, he observes that the GoPro HERO12 seems to outperform the DJI Action 4 in terms of color accuracy and stabilization. However, as it gets darker, the DJI Action 4 starts to outshine the GoPro, particularly in the areas of exposure and stabilization.

He further tests the cameras by cycling through various parts of Amsterdam, including bustling, well-lit streets and darker areas, to assess their performance. According to DC Rainmaker, the Action 4 illuminates the scenes more effectively in dim conditions, while the GoPro HERO12 surpasses in stabilization and overall image clarity.

A pivotal moment is highlighted in DC Rainmaker’s video: the DJI Action 4 excels in exposure and stabilization in evening-like conditions, whereas the GoPro takes the lead under brighter, daytime conditions.

Nearing the conclusion, DC Rainmaker notes that while smartphones generally have superior low-light capabilities, they may not be the ideal choice for capturing action shots. This underscores the relevance of specialized action cameras like the GoPro and DJI models.

In summary, DC Rainmaker finds that the GoPro HERO12 excels in daytime settings, particularly in stabilization and color vibrancy, while the DJI Action 4 is more proficient in low-light and evening situations, especially in terms of exposure and stabilization. He concludes that both cameras have their strengths and the optimal choice would depend on the user’s specific needs.

About DC Rainmaker

DC Rainmaker, also known as Ray, is more than just a triathlete and runner; he’s a tech enthusiast who has carved a unique niche in the world of sports technology reviews. His journey into this specialized field began rather serendipitously when he posted an email he had written about a Garmin running watch. This seemingly simple act snowballed into the creation of his blog, where he now shares in-depth reviews on a wide array of products—from GPS watches to action cameras.

But Ray’s expertise isn’t confined to his blog alone. He also runs a YouTube channel that serves as an excellent starting point for anyone looking for reliable sports technology reviews. According to the channel’s description, it covers a broad spectrum of products, including but not limited to GPS watches, action cameras, and activity trackers. However, if you’re interested in a more comprehensive analysis, the YouTube channel is just the tip of the iceberg. For detailed insights, you can always head over to his blog at

In my experience, DC Rainmaker’s platform is a treasure trove of invaluable information for anyone keen on sports technology. The depth and thoroughness of his reviews are unparalleled, making his blog and YouTube channel go-to resources for both athletes and tech enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or someone looking to purchase your first GPS watch, Ray’s insights are incredibly helpful in guiding you to make an informed decision.

anime style drawing of a night time city-scape of Amsterdam

What Matters to Me in Choosing Between GoPro HERO12 and DJI Action 4 for Low Light Conditions

When it comes to selecting an action camera, low-light performance is a critical factor for me, as I often find myself in challenging lighting scenarios. Although I don’t typically use my GoPro in darker conditions due to its limitations in low light, having a camera that excels in this area would likely change my usage habits. Whether it’s mountain biking through a forest during a summer evening or skiing in wintertime Scandinavia, where I reside, low light is often unavoidable. Anything less than a clear, blue sky can significantly impact the camera’s performance in the afternoon.

DC Rainmaker’s comprehensive review of GoPro HERO12 vs DJI Action 4 low light capabilities suggests that the DJI Osmo Action 4 may be a better fit for my needs. Its superior low-light performance, especially in terms of exposure and stabilization, makes it a compelling choice.

Considerations Beyond Low-Light Performance

Although DC Rainmaker’s test leans towards the DJI model for low light conditions, it’s essential to look beyond this single factor. For instance, I usually engage in color grading for all my footage. DC Rainmaker’s review, which focused more on footage straight out of the camera, doesn’t address this. I am more interested in capturing the flattest image possible, something not explored in depth in the review.

Furthermore, I can’t completely overlook the features offered by GoPro Labs, like the histogram, which I find invaluable for achieving correct exposure in low light scenarios. These are features that weigh on my decision and make the GoPro HERO12 still attractive despite its low-light limitations.

The Final Frame: Still Caught in a Low-Light Dilemma

While DC Rainmaker’s thorough review on the GoPro HERO12 vs DJI Action 4 low light performance has provided invaluable insights, I find myself still hovering on the edge of a decision. Both cameras have their unique merits and shortcomings, which make this choice far from straightforward.

The DJI Osmo Action 4 excels in the low-light conditions that are so crucial to my outdoor activities, be it mountain biking or skiing in Scandinavia. Yet, the GoPro HERO12 still has a magnetic pull with its advanced GoPro Labs features, which are incredibly useful for achieving correct exposure in challenging light conditions. Plus, its potential for post-processing gives it a distinct edge for those of us who like to tinker in the editing suite.

So, here I am, informed but still indecisive. If you find yourself in a similar conundrum, know that you’re not alone. Deciding between these two action camera powerhouses is no small feat. Your choice will inevitably hinge on what features matter the most to you in your filming adventures. Whether you prioritize low-light performance, advanced functionalities, or post-processing capabilities, take your time weighing these aspects to make the most informed decision.

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