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Every time GoPro introduces a new marvel, enthusiasts like myself are left pondering: do we chase the latest innovation or find value in the seasoned classics? The charm of the used GoPro Hero 5 Black brings this question into sharp focus.

My affinity for GoPro cameras ignited with the Hero 3, and I’ve been privileged to experience their transformative arc firsthand. Amidst my collection, which includes a drone and several cameras, the GoPro has been my steadfast companion in immortalizing adventures. And from my trove of experiences, here’s a gem: there’s a unique allure in exploring the world of pre-owned GoPro models.

In this exploration, I’ll dive deep into the world of the GoPro Hero 5 Black from the lens of a second-hand buyer. We’ll contrast it with its successors and predecessors, spotlighting its enduring strengths and potential areas of compromise. As we traverse this narrative, you’ll discern the compelling case for opting for a used GoPro Hero 5 Black over the newer, shinier alternatives.

Brief history and significance of the GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5, a powerful and versatile action camera, has made waves in the market since its release in 2016. This fifth iteration of the popular GoPro series introduced several notable advancements, cementing its significance in the realm of adventure photography and videography. With its robust features and rugged design, the GoPro Hero 5 quickly became a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and content creators alike.

One of the key milestones of the GoPro Hero 5 was its introduction of waterproof capabilities without requiring an external housing. Waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters), this feature revolutionized underwater photography and allowed users to capture stunning footage while snorkeling, diving, or engaging in various water sports.

Additionally, the Hero 5’s enhanced image stabilization technology provided smoother video recordings even in challenging environments, ensuring that every adventure could be documented with utmost clarity. The GoPro Hero 5 also boasted significant improvements in terms of image quality.

Equipped with a 12-megapixel camera capable of capturing both RAW and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) photos, it delivered stunningly detailed shots even in high-contrast scenes. The inclusion of advanced video modes such as 4K recording at up to 30 frames per second further solidified its position as a top-notch action camera.

Moreover, the GoPro Hero 5 introduced voice control functionality for hands-free operation. Users could now simply speak commands such as “GoPro start recording” or “GoPro take a photo,” allowing for effortless control while engaged in thrilling activities.

This innovative feature added convenience and accessibility to capturing those adrenaline-fueled moments that define adventure photography. The GoPro Hero 5 holds a significant place within the action camera industry due to its groundbreaking features and impressive performance capabilities.

Its waterproof design without requiring an external housing, superior image quality with RAW and WDR options, advanced video modes including high-quality 4K recording, and convenient voice control functionality have contributed to its enduring popularity among adventurers and content creators. Whether capturing epic underwater shots or documenting extreme sports, the GoPro Hero 5 has proven to be a reliable companion for those seeking to immortalize their daring escapades.

Benefits of Buying a Used GoPro Hero 5 Black

Cost-Effective: Purchasing a used GoPro Hero 5 Black offers significant savings compared to a brand-new model.

Access to Legacy Models: The second-hand market provides an opportunity to acquire older models, like the Hero 5, which might be scarce in regular retail.

Informed Decision: Online platforms with user reviews and feedback ensure you’re making a well-informed choice based on real-world experiences. Interested in the broader benefits of buying used GoPro cameras? Dive deeper in our comprehensive guide.

Main specifications for quick reference

The GoPro Hero 5, particularly the Black edition, is well-regarded for its impressive specifications that make it a go-to choice for adventure enthusiasts and content creators alike. This compact yet powerful camera offers a myriad of features that ensure stunning visuals and smooth performance.

To provide you with a quick reference guide, here are some of the main specifications of the GoPro Hero 5: 1. Image Quality:

The Hero 5 boasts a 12-megapixel sensor capable of capturing sharp and vibrant images. Additionally, it offers various photo modes including Single, Burst, and Time Lapse to suit your shooting needs.

This camera excels in low-light conditions too, thanks to its enhanced low-light performance. 2. Video Capabilities:

One of the standout features of the GoPro Hero 5 is its ability to shoot incredible 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second (fps). For those seeking slow-motion footage, it also supports high-definition recording at 1080p resolution with up to 120 fps.

3. Waterproof Design: The GoPro Hero 5 Black comes with robust waterproofing capabilities without requiring an external housing.

It can be submerged in water up to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters) without compromising functionality or image quality, making it an ideal companion for underwater adventures. 4. Voice Control:

With built-in voice control functionality, operating the GoPro Hero 5 becomes effortless even when your hands are occupied. By using voice commands such as “GoPro start recording” or “GoPro take photo,” you can conveniently control the camera’s functions while on-the-go.

5. Connectivity Options: The GoPro Hero 5 ensures seamless connectivity through its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

This allows you to effortlessly transfer files to your smartphone or tablet using the dedicated mobile app for easy sharing or editing on-the-fly. The GoPro Hero 5 Black, available in the second-hand market, offers a range of impressive specifications that cater to both photography and videography enthusiasts.

Its high-resolution image sensor, 4K video capabilities, waterproof design, voice control functionality, and seamless connectivity options make it a versatile and reliable camera for capturing unforgettable moments. When searching for a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, be sure to consider these specifications to ensure you find a suitable model at an affordable price.

Why the GoPro Hero 5 Stands Out

The GoPro Hero 5, a marvel of modern technology and an epitome of excellence in the realm of action cameras, stands out for numerous reasons. Its remarkable features and capabilities have solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Let us delve into what sets this extraordinary device apart from its competitors. First and foremost, the image quality delivered by the GoPro Hero 5 is nothing short of outstanding.

Equipped with a stunning 12-megapixel camera and capable of capturing breathtaking 4K video at 30 frames per second, this device ensures every moment is preserved in impressive detail. Whether you are capturing your adventurous pursuits or simply documenting life’s precious moments, the GoPro Hero 5 excels in delivering crisp, vibrant visuals that leave viewers awestruck.

In addition to its exceptional image quality, another standout feature of the GoPro Hero 5 is its rugged durability. Designed to withstand even the most extreme environments, this camera is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without requiring an additional housing.

This means you can confidently take it along on your underwater adventures without worrying about damaging it. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle rough terrains, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who crave adrenaline-fueled experiences.

Furthermore, the GoPro Hero 5 boasts an intuitive user interface and convenient controls that make capturing memories a breeze. Its one-button simplicity allows for easy operation even when you are engrossed in your activities or wearing gloves.

The voice control feature enables hands-free operation by simply commanding the camera verbally—a game-changer for those who want to capture moments on-the-go without any disruptions. The GoPro Hero 5 truly stands out among its peers due to its exceptional image quality, rugged durability, and user-friendly design.

Whether you are an adventure seeker looking to document your thrilling escapades or a casual user seeking high-quality footage of everyday moments, this camera is bound to exceed your expectations. With its impressive capabilities and innovative features, the GoPro Hero 5 remains a top choice for those in pursuit of unparalleled action camera performance.

Comparing with Its Peers

When it comes to comparing the GoPro Hero 5 with its peers, it is essential to evaluate its performance, features, and value for money. One of its closest competitors in the action camera market is the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. Both cameras offer impressive video quality and a wide range of shooting modes.

However, the GoPro Hero 5 edges out in terms of image stabilization, making it ideal for capturing smooth footage even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the GoPro Hero 5’s intuitive interface and user-friendly controls give it an edge over the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30.

Another notable contender in this space is the Sony FDR-X3000R. While both cameras offer exceptional image quality and advanced features like voice control and waterproofing, the GoPro Hero 5 has a more extensive selection of compatible accessories that enhance its versatility.

Moreover, with its built-in GPS functionality and superior audio quality compared to the Sony FDR-X3000R, the GoPro Hero 5 provides users with more comprehensive tracking capabilities for their adventurous pursuits. In terms of value for money, when considering a used GoPro Hero 5 Black or second-hand option, it’s important to compare prices among different sellers.

While prices may vary depending on factors such as condition and included accessories, customers looking for a budget-friendly option can often find attractive deals on second-hand GoPro Hero 5 cameras. It’s worth noting that purchasing a used camera from a reputable source can provide significant savings without compromising on performance or reliability.

When comparing the GoPro Hero 5 with its peers such as the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and Sony FDR-X3000R, each camera has distinct advantages but also certain trade-offs. The GoPro Hero 5 shines with its exceptional image stabilization capabilities while offering an intuitive interface and wide range of accessories.

Furthermore, if one chooses to explore purchasing a used or second-hand GoPro Hero 5, it is possible to find attractive prices without sacrificing quality. Overall, the GoPro Hero 5 remains a formidable choice in the action camera market, offering exceptional performance and versatility for both amateur enthusiasts and professional users alike.

Pros of the GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5, even when purchased second hand, offers a plethora of advantages that make it an appealing choice for adventure enthusiasts and content creators alike. From its robust build quality to its impressive image and video capabilities, this action camera continues to win hearts in the market. Let us delve into the various reasons why the GoPro Hero 5 stands out as a top choice among used action cameras.

Firstly, the image and video quality of the GoPro Hero 5 is truly exceptional. Equipped with a 12-megapixel camera that can capture stunning stills and record videos in up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, this versatile device ensures that every moment is captured with remarkable clarity.

Additionally, its advanced image stabilization feature minimizes shakiness and vibrations, resulting in smooth footage even during fast-paced activities or turbulent conditions. Secondly, the GoPro Hero 5 sets itself apart with its superb durability.

Constructed using high-quality materials such as reinforced polycarbonate and rubberized grips, this action camera is designed to withstand rugged environments. It is also waterproof up to 10 meters without needing an additional housing, making it ideal for water-based adventures such as diving or surfing.

This reliability factor makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a durable camera that can withstand the demands of their active lifestyle. The GoPro Hero 5 offers a wide range of shooting modes and features that enhance user experience.

The intuitive touchscreen display allows for easy navigation through various settings and modes while providing a live preview of your shots. With features like time-lapse photography, burst mode for capturing rapid sequences of photos, and built-in GPS for geotagging your adventures, this action camera ensures versatility in capturing different types of content.

When considering these pros – outstanding image quality and stabilization capabilities; durable construction suitable for extreme conditions; and extensive shooting modes – it becomes clear why acquiring a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 at an affordable price is a smart choice for aspiring adventurers and content creators alike. The reliability and exceptional performance of this action camera make it well worth considering, even when purchasing it used.

Cons and Common Critiques

When considering the cons and common critiques of a used GoPro Hero 5, it is important to note that while this model offers exceptional features and performance, it is not without its limitations. One common critique of the GoPro Hero 5 is its battery life.

Some users have reported that the battery drains quickly, especially when using features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or recording at higher resolutions. This can be a concern for those who plan on using the camera for extended periods without access to charging options.

Another aspect to consider is the absence of an external microphone port. The GoPro Hero 5 does not provide an option for connecting an external microphone directly to the camera itself.

While it does have built-in microphones, they may not provide the same level of audio quality as a dedicated external microphone would. This limitation can be particularly significant for content creators or professionals who prioritize high-quality audio in their recordings.

Additionally, some users have raised concerns about low-light performance with the GoPro Hero 5. While this camera performs admirably in well-lit conditions and daylight settings, its performance in low-light situations may not be as desirable.

Images and videos taken in dimly lit environments might exhibit more noise or graininess compared to other cameras with better low-light capabilities. Despite these limitations, it’s worth noting that many users find these cons manageable and outweighed by the overall strengths of the GoPro Hero 5.

Additionally, at a more affordable price point when purchased second hand, these cons become even more forgivable given the cost savings compared to buying brand new. While there are some cons and common critiques associated with a used GoPro Hero 5, such as limited battery life, absence of an external microphone port, and potential challenges in low-light conditions; these drawbacks should be weighed against its numerous strengths before making a purchasing decision.

It’s essential to assess your specific needs and use cases before determining if the GoPro Hero 5 will meet your requirements. By considering these factors and comparing it to other alternatives available in the market, you can make an informed decision about whether a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 is the right choice for you.

Known Issues to Watch Out For

When purchasing a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, it is crucial to be aware of the known issues that may arise. While this model is generally reliable and robust, there are a few common concerns that potential buyers should watch out for. Firstly, some users have reported issues with battery life.

The GoPro Hero 5 is designed to provide a decent amount of recording time on a single charge, but some units may experience shorter battery life due to age or heavy use. It’s advisable to inquire about the battery’s condition and usage history before finalizing the purchase.

Another issue that occasionally arises with the GoPro Hero 5 is related to connectivity problems, particularly with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Although these features are incredibly useful for remote control and transferring footage wirelessly, there have been instances where connectivity becomes inconsistent or even non-functional.

Before buying a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, it’s advisable to test the camera’s ability to connect wirelessly and ensure all functions are working as expected. Potential buyers should be aware of possible housing damage or water leakage in used GoPro Hero 5 cameras.

Since this model is famous for its waterproof capabilities (up to 33 feet), any damage or cracks in the housing can compromise its water resistance. It’s essential to thoroughly inspect the camera body for any signs of wear and tear, paying close attention to seals around buttons and ports.

Additionally, inquire about any previous exposure to water by asking the seller if they have used it in wet conditions or underwater. To mitigate these potential issues when purchasing a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, it is recommended to buy from reputable sellers who offer warranties or return policies.

This way, you can safeguard yourself against unexpected defects or hidden problems that may not be immediately apparent during initial inspections. While the GoPro Hero 5 is generally considered reliable and durable even as a second-hand device there are a few known issues that buyers should be cautious about.

Battery life, connectivity problems, and housing damage are the main concerns to watch out for. By being thorough in your inspection and purchasing from reputable sellers, you can minimize the risks and enjoy the benefits of owning a used GoPro Hero 5 at a more affordable price.

Inspecting a Second-Hand GoPro Hero 5: A step-by-step guide on what to check

When purchasing a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, it is essential to thoroughly inspect the device to ensure that it is in good working condition and worth the investment.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can minimize the risk of buying a faulty or damaged camera. 1. Exterior Condition:

Begin by examining the external appearance of the GoPro Hero 5. Check for any signs of physical damage such as scratches, dents, or cracks on both the body and lens.

Pay close attention to the waterproof housing; ensure that all seals are intact and show no signs of wear or damage. Additionally, inspect buttons, ports, and connectors for any noticeable issues.

2. Screen and Display: The next aspect to examine is the camera’s screen and display functionality.

Turn on the GoPro Hero 5 and ensure that both the LCD screen and touch controls are responsive. Check for dead pixels or discoloration on the screen by navigating through different settings and menus.

It’s important to note that minor scratches on the screen do not necessarily indicate a problem if they don’t affect visibility. 3. Image Quality:

To assess image quality, switch to photo mode and capture a few sample shots with varying lighting conditions. Inspect these images carefully on both your computer screen and within different editing software applications for any irregularities like blurriness, excessive noise, or color distortion.

Test different resolutions as well as frame rates in video mode to verify smooth recording without artifacts. 4.Gopro hero 5 used battery life:

One crucial aspect often overlooked while purchasing a second-hand GoPro is battery life—check how long it lasts after charging fully using an original charger/adapter provided with your second-hand purchase.Setting up time-lapse photography can also give you an idea about battery performance while capturing images over extended periods. Remember, always inquire about the battery’s health and ask for specifics regarding its usage history.

An extended battery life or a spare battery can be an added bonus to consider when negotiating the gopro hero 5 2nd hand price. By following these steps and conducting a thorough inspection, you can ensure that you are purchasing a reliable and functional second-hand GoPro Hero 5.

It is advisable to ask the seller any additional questions you may have, such as whether the camera has undergone any repairs or if any accessories are included in the purchase. Taking your time to thoroughly assess the camera’s condition will help you make an informed decision and potentially save money while acquiring a high-quality GoPro Hero 5.

Price Guide: Getting the Best Deal

When it comes to purchasing a second-hand GoPro Hero 5, finding the best deal requires careful consideration of various factors. The price of a used GoPro Hero 5 can vary depending on its condition, accessories included, and the seller’s asking price.

To ensure you get the best possible deal, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and engage in smart negotiation tactics. One important aspect to consider when determining the price for a used GoPro Hero 5 is its overall condition.

Assessing any visible signs of wear, such as scratches or dents on the camera body or lens, will help in gauging its value accurately. Additionally, it is essential to inquire about any functional issues that may affect the camera’s performance, such as battery life or connectivity problems.

By thoroughly inspecting these aspects and comparing them with market prices for second-hand GoPro Hero 5s in similar condition, you can better negotiate a fair price. Another determining factor for getting the best deal is considering what accessories are included with the used GoPro Hero 5.

Accessories such as mounts, cases, extra batteries, or memory cards can significantly enhance your overall experience with the camera. It is advisable to inquire about these additional items and their condition when negotiating the price.

If you find a listing that includes valuable accessories at a reasonable cost compared to purchasing them separately or new ones altogether, it might be worth considering paying a slightly higher price for added value. Additionally, exploring different platforms where used GoPro Hero 5 cameras are sold can also lead to finding better deals.

Online marketplaces specifically dedicated to selling used electronics often have competitive prices due to sellers’ desire for quick transactions. However, it is important not just to focus on low prices but also consider reputable sellers who provide detailed descriptions and images of the item’s condition.

Determining the best deal when buying a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 involves assessing its overall condition, considering the included accessories, and exploring multiple platforms to compare prices. By conducting thorough research and engaging in smart negotiation tactics, you can find a used GoPro Hero 5 that offers excellent value for your money.

Accessories and Add-Ons

The GoPro Hero 5, even as a used camera, offers a wide range of accessories and add-ons that can greatly enhance your overall experience. These accessories not only provide added functionality but also allow you to explore creative possibilities in capturing your adventurous moments.

From mounts and grips to filters and remotes, there is an abundance of options available in the market. One of the must-have accessories for any GoPro user is a reliable mount.

Whether you are planning to capture stunning footage while skiing down the slopes or diving into the depths of the ocean, having a sturdy mount is essential. There are various mounts designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 5 that cater to different activities such as chest mounts, head straps, helmet mounts, and handlebar mounts.

Depending on your preferences and activities, you can choose the most suitable mount that will ensure stable footage without compromising your safety. Another popular add-on for the GoPro Hero 5 is an external microphone.

While the built-in microphone of the camera performs reasonably well in most situations, it may fall short when it comes to capturing high-quality audio in noisy environments or during extreme sports activities. By investing in an external microphone, you can significantly improve the audio quality of your videos.

There are different types of microphones available such as shotgun microphones for directional recording or lavalier microphones for hands-free recording. Additionally, filters are valuable accessories that can enhance your footage by correcting colors and reducing glare or reflections.

These filters are particularly useful when shooting outdoors under challenging lighting conditions such as bright sunny days or underwater environments with varying depths and water clarity. Polarizing filters help cut through glare while neutral density filters assist in achieving balanced exposure levels.

Exploring various accessories and add-ons for your used GoPro Hero 5 opens up endless creative possibilities while enhancing its functionality. Mounts allow you to capture stable shots during different activities while external microphones improve audio quality, and filters can enhance the overall visual appeal of your footage.

Consider investing in accessories that align with your specific needs and activities to maximize the potential of your GoPro Hero 5. However, remember to factor in their costs when evaluating the overall value proposition of a second-hand camera purchase.

Final Verdict

When it comes to purchasing a used GoPro Hero 5, the final verdict is undoubtedly positive. This versatile camera continues to hold its value in the second-hand market, offering an excellent opportunity for budget-conscious adventurers and photographers to capture their experiences in stunning detail.

Despite being a few years old, the GoPro Hero 5 still packs a punch with its impressive features and durability. One of the main advantages of buying a used GoPro Hero 5 is the significant cost savings.

Compared to its original retail price, which ranged from $299-$399 depending on accessories and bundles, you can find second-hand units at a fraction of that cost. The exact price will vary depending on factors such as condition, accessories included, and seller’s location.

On average, you can expect to find a used GoPro Hero 5 for around $150-$250. Considering its price point alone, the value proposition of a used GoPro Hero 5 is hard to ignore.

This camera offers many features found in more recent models like the ability to shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second and capture stunningly detailed photos with its 12-megapixel sensor. Additionally, it boasts various shooting modes such as time-lapse and burst mode for capturing continuous action or creating captivating visuals.

Moreover, despite being pre-owned, these cameras are known for their durability and reliability. The rugged design ensures they can withstand harsh conditions like water immersion up to 10 meters depth without needing an additional protective case.

So if you’re an adventure enthusiast or simply want a reliable camera that can handle your active lifestyle without breaking the bank, getting a used GoPro Hero 5 is undoubtedly worth considering. Purchasing a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality footage at an affordable price point.

With its proven performance capabilities and considerable cost savings compared to newer models, it remains popular among photography enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Whether you’re capturing your outdoor escapades, documenting your travels, or simply engaging in creative photography, the GoPro Hero 5’s robust features and durability make it a smart investment for those looking to step up their camera game without emptying their wallets.


The GoPro Hero 5 Black used is a remarkable choice for those seeking a high-quality action camera without breaking the bank. With its impressive specifications and notable features, it stands out among its peers in the second-hand market.

Despite being slightly older than the latest models, its performance and durability remain unparalleled. One of the main advantages of opting for a used GoPro Hero 5 is the affordability it offers.

The price of a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 Black can be significantly lower than that of a brand new one, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals or those who want to test out an action camera before committing to a more expensive investment. When purchasing a used GoPro Hero 5, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and inspect the camera carefully.

While there may be some common critiques or known issues associated with this model, being aware of these potential concerns allows buyers to make informed decisions and choose devices that have been well-maintained by previous owners. With proper care and maintenance, a second-hand GoPro Hero 5 can provide years of exceptional performance and capture breathtaking moments during various adventures.

So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking to document your thrilling escapades or simply an enthusiast seeking top-notch image quality, purchasing a used GoPro Hero 5 can be an excellent investment that allows you to unleash your creativity while preserving precious memories. Acquiring a GoPro Hero 5 Black second hand offers great value for money without compromising on quality.

Its robust specifications, reliability, affordability compared to newer models in the market make it a wise choice for adventurers and photography enthusiasts alike. So don’t hesitate to explore the vast possibilities that await you with this outstanding action camera!

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