When do new GoPros come out?

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Unveiling the Mystery: When Do New GoPros Come Out?

If you’re a fan of GoPro cameras like me, you’re probably always on the lookout for the next big release. The question “When do new GoPros come out?” is one that I often hear. The anticipation of new features, improved performance, and innovative design keeps us on our toes.

How often does GoPro release new cameras?

GoPro has a history of consistency when it comes to unveiling their new cameras. Typically, they stick to a schedule of one major product release per year. This pattern is clearly illustrated in the comprehensive table of all GoPro cameras and their respective release dates, which you can find included in this article.

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When does GoPro release new cameras?

Traditionally, GoPro schedules their new camera releases on an annual basis, with the launch usually taking place in the fall. This timing allows the latest GoPro models to hit the market just in time for the holiday season, making them a popular gift choice for adventurers and tech enthusiasts alike.

GoPro Camera Release Timeline

To give you a clearer picture of GoPro’s release pattern, I’ve compiled a comprehensive table of all GoPro camera models along with their respective release dates. This timeline provides a visual representation of GoPro’s commitment to innovation and their consistent annual release schedule (the information in the table comes from here). Take a look below to see the evolution of GoPro cameras over the years.

Camera ModelRelease Date
Hero11 Black MiniSeptember 14, 2022
Hero11 Black
Hero10 BlackSeptember 16, 2021
Hero10 Black Bones
Hero9 BlackSeptember 17, 2020
Hero8 BlackSeptember 24, 2019
MaxOctober 25, 2019
Hero7 Black / Silver / WhiteSeptember 27, 2018
Hero (2018)March 29, 2018
Hero6September 28, 2017
FusionNovember, 2017
Hero5 BlackOctober 2, 2016
Hero5 SessionOctober 2, 2016

The Next GoPro Release

As for the question “When does the next GoPro come out?”, the GoPro Hero12 Black is rumored to be the next release. According to internet buzz, we can expect it to hit the shelves on September 15, 2023. While we wait for the official announcement, it’s always exciting to speculate about the new features and improvements that this model will bring.

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Final Thoughts: The Excitement of New GoPro Releases

So, “How often does GoPro release new cameras?” Typically, we see a new GoPro camera every year. But remember, while it’s exciting to look forward to the next release, the current models offer a range of impressive features that cater to every adventurer’s needs. Whether you’re considering an upgrade or planning to buy your first GoPro, there’s a model for you in the GoPro lineup.

Stay tuned for the GoPro Hero12 Black and happy shooting with your current GoPro until then!

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